Men's White Blazer with Black Lapels

The White Blazer has seen its days of many men's favorite addition to their closets. But since fashion is always reinventing itself here came the white Jacket/ Blazer that has Black lapel just to give it that classic touch. The Black takes the Jacket/Blazer from being a plain outfit to something of an elegant outfit that can be worn for various occasions.
Men can pull off this look by either pairing it with a black fitting trouser matched with a tie, bow tie or even cravat. Details for the look are up to the individual man. The Jacket/Blazer can be paired with jeans and a shirt for that weekend getaway with friend or just a smooth easy time with the family.
If you want you can have your tailor sew for you a full suit that includes a white trouser. Men should not be afraid of wearing the White Blazer/Jacket as it exudes confidence and shows a man who knows what he wants in fashion. The look completely compliments the man and shows off his inner sense of self worth and neatness.

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