Trend To Take into 2017 is the Lamp Shading Trend

A very interesting Trend that first appeared in 2015 that I cannot absolutely ignore or let go is the Lampshading Trend. For those not in the know, Lampshading Trend is achieved by pairing an oversize top over either a short skirt, shorts or even tights or knee high boots to achieve a silhouette of a lampshade. This creating the look of a lampshade is where the name originated from, oversize/buggy top and slimming bottom. The top part of the outfit should be long enough that it covers the bottom part of the outfit completely or you can opt to just wear the oversize top that is long enough that your bottom is tights or thigh high boots. This style was made popular by the Kardashians like Khourtney Kardashian was seen in this trend, Kylie Jenner was also spotted wearing the Lampshading Trend. Even Rihanna was in on it. So you can see how popular the trend was and still is. The Lampshading Trend can be achieved by wearing an oversize Chunky Sweater worn over Boots or an oversize Long Shirt. The name may make the Trend seem complicated but it is a simple trend that can be worn by anyone who wants to try something new and exciting. Check out some tips and ideas on how you do the Lampshading trend effortlessly.

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