Wednesday, 18 January 2017

21 Cool Ways To Wear Timberland Boots For Women

When they said raid you boyfriend's closet, who knew you could come out of it with fashion items that actually work for you? For a long time nobody ever thought that Timberland Boots would actually be worn by women? Most guys would always say that the Boots are too heavy for the fragile little girl to wear, alas! How wrong could they be, in fact I think we ladies rock them better than them. Timberland Boots are a great way of bringing out the Tomboy in you without really loosing your femininity, or if you just want to rock the androgynous look to counter your girly outfit. To really show them off, wear with Skinny Jeans or just normal jeans and roll them up so that the Timberland Boots can really stand out. When it comes to Jeans you can wear your Timberland Boots with Boyfriend Jeans, Destroyed/Distressed Jeans, Dark or Light Jeans and even Skinny Jeans. You can also rock your Timberland Boots with Shorts, or even a skirt. There are no rules when wearing the Timberland Boots as a woman just wear however your mood feels like and elevate the look with accessories to match. Who said ladies cannot handle Timberland Boots, below are the reasons why ladies rock them better.

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