Redefine Stripes With These Jail Stripes Street Style Looks

When it comes to stripes, there are very many different kinds of stripes from Breton Stripes, Barcode Stripes, Pin Stripe or Pencil Stripes, Candy Stripes or Rainbow Stripes, Shadow Stripes, and what I am focusing on, the Awning or Jail Stripes. Jail Stripes are basically black and white mostly large stripes that resemble prisoners uniforms from back in the day. Black and white Jail Stripes can be worn without looking too busy or out of control. To wear the Jail Stripes, you can opt to go small by wearing a single piece of item with the stripes, like a Top or Trouser or even a scarf. For the bold who is not afraid of going beyond, you can wear the Jail Stripes head to toe like a suit or matching Top and bottom. You can incorporate the Jail Stripes into your wardrobe for any season since black and white are colors that do not need to be avoided in certain times. Stripes are a huge trend which is always changing and more people are embracing them. Whether you wear them single or together Jail Stripes are a huge trend that is sophisticated and easy to wear.

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