Exclusive Limited-Edition Warby Parker Concentric Sun/Eye Glasses Collection

Hey guys get an exclusive look at the relaunching of the limited edition Warby Parker Concentric Collection that was introduced on 8th August. What Comes to mind whenever you think about summer or looking cool while going to the beach? Sunglasses of course! At Warby Parker they showcase their vintage styled sunglasses that are traditional yet with that added touch of class and magnificence that you will not find anywhere else! Want to get prescription glasses that scream modern and trendy? The Concentric Collection is an exclusive offer that you should take advantage of before they run out. Being amazing, quality, beautiful sunglasses and prescription glasses, do not be surprised if you do not get a chance to buy into these great new looks. I like that the new designs are more detailed with more vibrant colors for those of us who love color! The colors are so subtle that they do not distract from the beauty of the frames. The they describe this new collection sounds like poetry and I couldn't agree more. Wearing Warby Parker prescription glasses from this Concentric Collection will feel like a fashion statement rather than a necessity. Want prescription glasses or sun glasses that speak to your personal sense of style, this new collection will get you that. When you shop online, you even get to try the frames at home for free after they have matched you up with your individual tastes and preference. If that is not a cool deal then I do not know what is! These sunglasses and prescription glasses are so perfect that you can pair them with your best outfits. You can wear them with a denim jeans paired with a white tee. If you are going for a more formal look, the Warby Parker glasses still look amazing when you wear them with your Little Black Dress. For guys these glasses will still go great with a hoodie and khaki pants. You don't need to worry about what outfit to pair with these glasses, they work flawlessly into your outfit and any look that you are going for. A perfect deal if I do say so.

I love these glasses with animal print detail! They are classic and will fit into any setting whether it be official or relaxed.

These glasses are artistic and couture like, representing the inner fashionista in you when you wear them!

As you can see, both women and men can wear Warby Parker glasses and look authentically fashion forward. Little details that make up such a big statement. Check out all those beautifully designed glasses below and tell me they do not scream "Put Me On".

Love this Concentric Collection? Shop for them HERE!

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