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Jumpsuits have for a long time been the very epitome of fashion from the 90’s up to today. They have only been reinvented to suit the times and changes of the new millennium yet retaining its classic look, feel and style. The Jumpsuit is no longer for certain body types, whether you are tall, short, skinny or plus size you can rock this look and look amazing! When it comes to wearing the Jumpsuit, keep it structured you do not want to overwhelm the outfit with floaty blouses which will make the look too busy. The Jump suit is practically a full outfit on its own so for the top, you only need to add outwear like a Blazer or Trench Coat for those cold seasons. Now that you know how to dress the Jumpsuit, you might be wondering where do I get this amazing must have piece of clothing. Well, check out StyleWe, they have an amazing range and collection of Jumpsuits to suit any occasion, mood or fashion inspiration you are looking for. Here you will get Designer Brand Jumpsuits in bold colors, prints, stripes suitable for the office, a fun day out with family and friends and even just hanging out at parties.
A clean silhouette with your Jumpsuit will flatter your body and you will get to show off your figure. Consider choosing a drop waist styled Jumpsuit if you have a long torso and an Empire line styled Jumpsuit if you have long legs and are curvier. When it comes to choosing shoes for the Jumpsuit it is best to go for High Heels or Wedges since they will give you that chic elegant look in contrast to flats. Accessorizing the Jumpsuit is quite easy, if you have on a V-Neck style go for a brightly colored chunky neck piece that will stand out. Simple accessories like stud earrings or drop down earrings also go great with the Jumpsuit.

Get this White Jacquard Short Sleev Mini Dress from StyleWe and so much more. Now who knew that Bandanas would evolve to become pieces of fashion that have transcended the different decades and still remained fashionable? We all remember Bandanas being a reserve of boy bands or hip-hop artists like Tupac Shakur. Nowadays the Bandana has been spotted on celebrities and even been incorporated into designer fashion shows.  The Bandana is not just an accessory for your outfit but it is a good to upgrade your Hairstyle Fashion. I’m sure you have had one of those days where you are unsure of what hairstyle to have on your head, or you are just having a bad hair day. This is the time you consider wearing a Bandana on your head in a stylish way that incorporates it into your outfit. There are many ways to tie the Bandana to have that classic fashionable feel. You can tie your ponytail with your Bandana, wrap it from the back to front, use it as a band around your head or even wear it like a scrunchie. The Bandana is a very creative accessory when you have the fringe hairstyle as it gives you that vintage look that you are going for. Whether you have long, short, curly, straight hair or the afro hairstyle, the Bandana is the best accessory for your Hairstyle Fashion.

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