GQ Most Stylish Men Of The Week

Daniel Craig
After the surprisingly good Let Me In, Hollywood's "Swede" of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will at least be better-looking and more stylish than the original. Bonus points for on-trend shearling. It's been too long, Daniel.

Ed Westwick
Just popping out to get the paper in a shawl-lapel jacket, paisley tie and velvet slippers.

Justin Timberlake
Even as a geek he's stylish. Or maybe that should be Gleek, given that he already looks the part of Mr Schuester's little brother, even though his much-rumoured cameo has yet to be confirmed. We said it first, by the way.

John Galliano
The inspiration for his Christian Dior womenswear show was apparently that the French house had dropped anchor at a "South Pacific naval base". A note of caution: it is possible to overdo the nautical look. But not if you're John Galliano.

Karl Lagerfeld
So stylish that he only drinks Pepsi Black and eats sushi from Nobu. Even when Nobu is closed and he's at a lunch with guests including Anna Wintour, which had to be delayed and the restaurant kitchen opened so the food could be delivered to him.


Russell Brand
Recently confessed to copping a feely-weel of Dame Helen's bra on the set of Arthur. Thankfully for Katy Perry (and Brand) she wasn't in it at the time.

Stephen Moyer
He only comes out at night but he always looks stylish. Giving his co-star Alexander Skarsgård a run for his Blood money - which, given that Skarsgård played a model in Zoolander (watch it again) and now models for Hickey Freeman in real life, is no mean feat.

Mark Ronson
Slightly more muted than the white DB he wears in his videos for "Bang Bang Bang" and "The Bike Song" but no less stylish.

Kanye West

He may have killed off his plans for his own Pastelle clothing line, but seeing Kanye "stunting" in Christian Dior shades just makes us want to join his Rosewood Movement. Bonus points for having the good taste to invite both David Haye and Kim Jones to his Runaway screening at BAFTA.


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