Excessive consumption of caffeine may impede pregnancy

For a woman, getting pregnant is the most exciting time of her life. Knowing that you are responsible for another human being growing in your belly has to be a beautiful feeling. Once a woman is pregnant there are several precautions she is told to take for the health of the unborn child. Just as precautions before and during pregnancy are important, there are several things that can prevent a woman from getting pregnant like excessive consumption of caffeine.
Caffeine reduces the fertility rate of the couple
Once you realize you are pregnant you need to stop consuming coffee as this may have adverse effects on your fertility. The substances found in coffee are addictive and may be abrasive to the development of a child in the mother’s womb.
The caffeine in some products makes stress to be heightened
When you become addicted to coffee and its products you become dependent on it. While trying to get pregnant you realize that you need to give up the coffee. This brings about stress because you start having withdrawal symptoms. Stress will cause you not to be at peace with yourself and can even cause rifts between you and your partner. This leads to no intimacy and therefore no conception.

Lack of sleep due to caffeine may impede pregnancy
When you are planning to get pregnant you need to be in good health so that you can provide a nurturing home for your baby. When you drink too much caffeine, you tend to be restless thereby having no sleep. Lack of sleep will make your health to depreciate which is bad for carrying a pregnancy to full term.
A woman trying to become pregnant needs to have enough rest to have the strength to conceive and lack of sleep will not give her that. Sleeplessness may even cause the environment in the womb to be unfriendly for the conception of a baby.
Calcium loss due to excessive consumption of caffeine
Coffee has a lot of abrasive ingredients that will have bad effects on the calcium levels of the drinker. Calcium is crucial in the development of a growing baby. Since the baby needs all the nutrients for healthy development caffeine drinks should not be a part of any woman who wants to conceive. In some extreme cases excessive consumption may lead to a woman not being able to become pregnant.
Excessive caffeine drinkers tend to have more miscarriages
Caffeine may prevent the process of conception due to the ingredients that are in such products. A large consumption rate of caffeine will cause the egg not to be fertilized and if it is, the growing embryo may not be able to stick itself to the wall of the uterus causing early miscarriages. Therefore it is recommended that you stop any intake of caffeine and its related products as soon as you find you that you are pregnant.

Even though caffeine has a stimulating effect that makes you to be alert and active, contemplate completely going off caffeine for the sake of your child if you are pregnant. If you are planning to get pregnant, avoid caffeine completely.

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