Friday, 21 March 2014

The many advantages of Bamboo flooring

A bamboo plant is what is manufactured to create the material used for flooring. The product largely comes from China. Other parts of Asia also manufacture bamboo flooring products.
Even though the bamboo flooring is easy to maintain, it has to be protected from scratches. Since it also fades after a long time choose a lacquered floor finish to keep it looking new. This type of flooring makes for an elegant surface leaving an impression on the house.
As a result bamboo flooring is becoming a popular alternative to hardwood flooring. There are various reasons why bamboo flooring is preferred.

The bamboo flooring is strong and durable
As a raw product, the bamboo is strong even compared to hardwood which is used on the floors. This is because the bamboo tree takes six years to mature thus its strength which can even match that of the maple tree. Though strong it is lightweight and does not dent easily making it the best flooring option for the home.
Every day wear and tear will not destroy the bamboo flooring due to its durability aspect. There will be no need to replace it therefore saving you financially.

Bamboo flooring is easy to maintain
Bamboo flooring has a higher resistance to moisture which makes it the best for the kitchen which easily becomes wet. Bathrooms have a lot of moisture which needs regular cleaning and mopping so the bamboo flooring is the best option for such a room.
This type of flooring is easy to clean giving you more time for other issues instead of worrying about the floor. Its maintenance is also easy because once it is installed it is permanent. Just use a dust mop regularly and for spills damp the cloth to clear the mess. It does not take a lot time therefore cleaning becomes fun.

Bamboo flooring is friendly to the environment
The bamboo tree grows very fast and can regrow back after it has been cut down. It can grow many times over than the normal tree since the plant does not completely die after being harvested but regenerates itself.
The going green trend is becoming popular in most homes; therefore using bamboo flooring is the best way to be eco –friendly and stylish at the same time.

Longevity of bamboo flooring
After installing the bamboo floor, one does not need to replace it for a long time. Due to its strength this type of floor will last. No matter which room the flooring is done in especially rooms that are frequented by a lot of people, the bamboo floors will not wear easily.

The elegant Style of bamboo flooring
Most people who want elegant and stylish interior decors have been considering bamboo flooring due to its beauty and effortless look. Its beauty and smooth finish creates a warm atmosphere that is relaxing for the home owner. Bamboo flooring is pleasing to look at and will complement any style that one chooses to have in their homes.

Bamboo flooring comes in strong shades of black and golden brown which makes for a high quality interior deco for one’s home.

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