Causes of Dark Under Eyes Circles

Dark under eyes circles are a realistic problem especially for women. Being the fashion conscious creatures that they are having dark circles is tantamount to committing a fashion crime whose sentence is being called a fashion failure or something worse. This is because in this time and age we are bombarded by billboards dictating the rules of what is in and out in the fashion world.

Looks and appearance have never been placed with such importance as now as people are aware about the latest trends in fashion having dark under eyes circles has become a major problem faced by people of all age groups, race, nationality and even gender.The most commonly known cause for dark under eyes circles is lack of sleep which is as a result you wake up exhausted which aggravates the skin causing discolorations like dark circles.

A cause that is not ordinarily known is Heredity.  One can be able to see the dark circles under the eyes because they are just blood vessels visible through the skin and like varicose veins they are inherited trait. Most women would rather not think of dark eye circles as an inherited trait as they would now start comparing themselves to their mothers to see if they are likely to have continuous occurrences of having dark eyes.
Allergies, asthma, and eczema are also another cause of having dark eyes. This is because conditions that make the eyes to itch can contribute to darker circles because you keep rubbing or scratching the area around the eye trying to relieve yourself. Food may also cause you to have darker shadows under your eyes.

Some medications can cause you to have dark under eyes circles since the skin under the eyes is the most delicate which makes any increased blood that is flowing through the skin to show. This is because different people react differently to certain medications.

Sicknesses and diseases may also cause you to have dark under eye circles. Dark circles under eyes could indicate liver disease.  Someone who has Anemia will definitely have the dark circles around his eyes since there are some nutrients lacking in his or her diet. Lack of mineral iron especially will cause a person to have dark circles which is the most common type of anemia.

For women the skin becomes paler during pregnancy as the woman is carrying another being in her. The effects of tiredness in a pregnant woman will cause her to have these dark under eye circles. Also women menstruating will have the appearance of dark circles around the eyes because of lack of iron due to the blood loss. These two make the veins under the eyes to become more visible creating dark under eye circles.
The more natural, noticeable and permanent cause of dark circles is Aging. As people age the skin loses its elasticity and thus becomes thin and almost translucent which makes darker circles to start appearing.

Whatever the cause, there are natural, home and even medicinal remedies that can be used to prevent or reduce the dark circles thereby improving the skin condition.

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