Ten biggest nutrition myths you may not know that exist

In the quest for a healthy lifestyle there have been solutions that people have tried to provide in order to achieve a healthy style of living. Just as there have been solutions so have many myths come up about what is healthy and what is not. These myths have been circulation the world over with scientists and doctors trying to prove whether they are true or not.

The risk of heart disease increases with the consumption of egg yolks
Eggs have always had a reputation that they are to be blamed for the high risk of someone getting a heart attack because the cholesterol in the yolk is quite high. The nutritionists have tried to show that this is untrue because there is only a small amount of cholesterol that goes into the blood stream for some individuals.

Eating after 8 p.m. causes weight gain
It does not matter what time you eat your food as long as the quantity is right and you have not over eaten. Eating after 8 pm will have very little significance as to how your weight will increase. Your body will still digest its food the way it has been doing it. Though the body slows down in the way it functions only the quantity of food that you eat will have an effect on your gaining weight.

Milk can be responsible for your gaining weight
Though there is a percentage of saturated fats in some milk which can increase the cholesterol levels, it is an excellent source of calcium that is good for your healthy bone structure and teeth. There is also D Vitamin in milk that is important for a healthy life.

High fat contents can be found in Tofu
Tofu is a food that is rich in many nutrients. It is very enjoyable and has a lot of protein nutrients in it. Since it is made from milk that is processed from soybean tofu has healthy iron and the food is delicious. Tofu can be eaten everyday by those who do not eat meat because there are some tofu that contain fatty acids known as omega three.

Bananas should not be consumed daily for having too much sugar
Bananas eaten almost on a daily basis will not have adverse effects even though they have a high content of sugar and potassium. Having higher sugar levels than all the other fruits, bananas have nutritional fiber in them and there is no cholesterol in them. The positive is also that they have no fat whatsoever.

Stomach upsets can be caused by citrus fruits
Citrus fruits are like tangerines that are readily available in most markets. Others include lemons and grapefruits among others. These fruits help in getting rid of any inflammation that might be found in the system.

Healthy foods are made from Soya
Lately there has been a lot of say in the notion that Soy foods are a healthy food and alternative for vegetarians. Regardless of this soy food is not a healthy alternative as the soy beans are usually processed in order to make the soy for people to use.

When you drink Vinegar you lose weight
Vinegar does not have any characteristics that make it right for your quest to lose weight. It is just used as an ingredient in salads, not for losing weight. There has never been any conclusive research done to show that drinking vinegar will help you to lose weight.

You improve your recovery by eating after a workout
When doing a work out, you tend to lose a lot of glycogen in the body since the whole exercise was to lose weight or build muscle. As you work out you need to replenish the lost food in your system.

Whole grain products are brown in color
When buying whole grain products from the shops make sure you read the label carefully so that you are taking the real whole grain. Whole grain products are beneficial to the body as they provide it with a lot of nutrients and help reduce the chances of getting certain lifestyle diseases.

For our protein requirements each meal has to have meat

Meat is not necessary for your daily intake of proteins. There are other sources of protein that you can get which will give you almost the same nutritional value.

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