Alonso Mateo setting Kids' Fashion trends on fire

When it comes to Kid’s Fashion, most parents would like for their children to look fabulous even if just for their own fun. But today the fashion industry is not just for grownups, even kids have become models who showcase clothes for their peers which make it a competitive field to be in, especially those Hollywood mums who want their kids to be in trend and even make money out of modelling. So I came across this kid Alonso Mateo…he is so cute and is already “fashionising” the web world with his looks. He spots all the latest trends, monochromatic, rolled-up jeans, happy socks, tailored suits, colored laces, loafers, round-shaped shades, denim just to name a few of them. He is a really cute style icon who knows what he wants. His mom has a lot to do with the outfits too but it takes a kid who knows his stuff to pull off some of these looks. I can’t even imagine what he will be spotting when he is in his teens and even adulthood. Plus Alonso Mateo has the greatest poses you ever saw! His statement fashion accessory Aviator Sunglasses! See him in action below.

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