What to wear with men’s T-Shirts

The t-shirt has been in existence since the 1940’s, initially made for the navy to be used as an inner garment; it has evolved into a stylish piece of clothing that most men own. The t-shirt is an essential wardrobe staple for any man who knows how to put together an amazing style. With t-shirts they are mostly to be worn when going out, as a casual outfit but they can still make a statement. There are various types of t-shirts, they include:

Plain t-shirts are t-shirts that usually have only one color like white, blue or even purple. They usually have no words or pictures written on them. They may at times have two colors with no words or pictures on them.
Printed t-shirts are t-shirts that have images on them. Images of photographs, cartoon and sometimes words written on them are part of printed t-shirts. Printed t-shirts are also those that have company logos or even the logo of an upcoming event.

Graffiti t-shirts are those that have artistic images of characters, cartoons or messages that are often depicted with different colors. They are mostly worn by the young men who want to express themselves through art and fashion. Among other types of t-shirts are the long or short sleeved ones. We also have concert t-shirts worn to such events like music.  For t- shirts there are what to wear with them in order to have the best look or style. Here are a few tips:

Wear the t-shirt with chinos: Chinos are trousers made of 100 percent cotton and work great with t-shirts. With chinos you will want to go with a colored t-shirt since the trouser is straight choosing to wear with a well-fitting t-shirt. For fun events, you can pair with a printed t-shirt for a bold look.

Jeans go well with t-shirts: This is the most basic look for wearing the t-shirt. Jeans can be worn whatever the season so t-shirts are the best for wearing them. With jeans you can match the jeans with the t-shirt or color clash with it. For those who wear skinny jeans, a tight fitting graffiti t-shirt would be great.

Layer the t-shirt with a leather jacket: What to add some excitement to an old leather jacket? Pair it with a plain or printed t-shirt. The jacket should be unbuttoned to show off the t-shirt. Add leather gloves, boot and a motorbike and you are ready for an adventure!

Shorts are great with t-shirts: Knee length shorts for the beach, picnic or a day out with the boys paired with a brightly colored t-shirt, gives you that effortlessly stylish look. Choose a loose t-shirt that reaches just below your waist.

Experiment the t-shirt with white linen trousers: A linen trouser has that added advantage of being light and airy. A printed t-shirt in whatever color will be perfect for pairing with the white linen trouser. This outfit will make a statement for you as it creates a well put together style for the man. T-shirts are a must have in every man’s closet.

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