Home remedies to cure dark under eye circles

The skin which is the largest organ in the body is very sensitive but there are other sensitive areas in the body which are more than others. For instance the skin around the eyes is very delicate and thinner than in any other part of the body especially the face. Dark under eye circles are usually from various reasons, the most common ones being stress and lack of sleep. However there are other factors that contribute to having dark circles under the eyes for instance two other causes that most people would not have an idea are that sometimes the cause of this condition is hereditary and nutritional deficiencies.
This is why the skin under your eyes requires more tender care as sometimes it reflects what is going on in our inner parts of the body. Most specialists or doctors are able to diagnose some illnesses or problems just by looking at the skin on the face. The face and mostly the eyes can show whether you have been neglecting your health, abusing it, if you are having stress, how much faster or slower you are aging among other things.
Internally your health can be diagnosed just by how the skin under the eyes looks like, this is because that area has no oil glands and its texture is too refined. There are ways to prevent dark circles from being a problem. Just have a nourishing and balanced diet which includes foods such as beans, fresh fruits and vegetables, unprocessed foods and milk products. 

Other natural remedies of under eye dark circles include daily exercise which one can undertake together with simple deep breathing exercises that assist in blood circulation. Exercises help in increasing oxygen in the blood and thus control stress. Another important remedy that costs nothing is having adequate sleep, the recommended eight hours of sleep and relaxation.

Eye fatigue which leads to under eye dark circles, can be relieved by washing your eyes with warm water and rinsing off with cold water. By doing this you are improving blood circulation especially to the eyes which in turn soothes and cleanses them.  

Other home remedies that can be used to diminish under eyes dark circles include:
Applying cucumber juice daily around the eyes and the washed off with clean water after 15 minutes. Or you can slice the cucumber and lie on your back, the put them on your closed eyes. If you have puffy eyes as well as dark circles, you can mix potato and cucumber juice in equal measure and apply on your eyes.  Tea bags dipped in warm water can be used to relieve dark circles since most probably the eyes will have become puffy. Once the puffiness reduces, the dark circles usually start fading.

 Applying cucumber juice mixed with lemon juice in equal parts and washing off after 15 minutes helps to deal with stress induced dark circles under the eyes. When applying the mixtures under your eyes ensure that you use gentle movements and a light touch which is essential while handling the sensitive area.

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