The popularity of timber flooring

Timber flooring can also be called wood carpeting. This is where recycled wooden boards are installed on the floors of offices and even homes. It may also be known as plank flooring which is preferred by a lot of people for its artistic beauty.
Nothing equates to the beauty and elegance of a timber floor in a stylish home. The solid wooden floor is also easy to clean as it is smooth.
Timber flooring is usually very strong and it lasts for a long time. As such it is able to stand against a lot of use in terms of movement in and out of a room with such floors.
The floor also requires very little maintenance and can be sustained without replacement for a long time. Once it has faded and not looking up to per it can be re-polished to give it life. The floor can also be re-sanded to give it an original exquisite appearance.
Timber flooring is eco-friendly which uses natural materials. The flooring does not have any environmental effects on the people living in the home. Since it is a natural product it does not retain or produce any dirt that may contain allergic particles sensitive to some people.

Timber flooring the house is better than using other materials as it is hygienic and has a low maintenance capacity. Keeping it spotless just requires dusting it or dampening a rag to clean the dirty area.
On the other hand timber flooring is expensive and may not be available to those people who want to go green with the emerging trend of eco-friendly homes.
Once it stays for a long time it may start looking dull after many polishes and scrubs. As a result it will need to be replaced as it will have lost its natural shine. This may be expensive to keep because of replacing the floors of the house.   
Due to its slippery nature, timber flooring the house may cause some accidents to occur especially if children run on it bare feet or when they have wet feet. Even adults may have accidents on timber floor surfaces. 
There are various types of timber flooring, they include Hardwood flooring where it is installed directly on the ground or the planks can be nailed into concrete. If the flooring is old, new planks can be nailed over the others. This ensures that the floor remains beautiful and lasts longer.
Another type of timber flooring is called Parquetry. Here two styles are used to achieve different patterns that a customer may want. They include mosaic where the customer can choose for his home and there is block that produces different features on the floor. Tasmanian oak is one of the grades of woods used in this style. Another wood is known as alpine ash among others.
Timber flooring can also be done using the strip style where the planks made of wood are organized in hardboards that are grooved and narrow. These are pinned into the timber which is laid parallel to the room’s length.
Wood mosaic is another timber flooring type where wooden blocks are made to look like basket weaves and then mounted with aluminum forming panels.

Timber flooring enhances the design of a room whether it is a home or the office.

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  1. Nowadays more and more people are changing there flooring with a timber flooring! These really a great time to make there house more beautiful and elegant.