The V-neck Sweater with Bow Tie Trend

The V-neck with bow tie fashion for men is a style that is exquisite and elegant. Who knew the bow tie could come out of its jacket comfort zone and be paired perfectly with a sweater. This style gives the man a boyish sexy look that is simple yet sophisticated enough to look all grown up and mature.
This look can be worn to the office only choose a color that is not too bold or bright, wear a navy blue, grey or black sweater and a contrasting but less screaming colored bow tie. The bow tie does not have to be a boring single color, it can be checked, striped or even polka dotted. Experiment with what you love and even go out of your comfort zone with this style that has proved popular among the fashion savvy men.
Remember the sweater has to be V-neck to maximize on the full effect of this fashion statement, otherwise anything goes in terms of the color of both the sweater and the bow tie.
For an outdoor event do not be afraid of color.

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