Urban clothing Where it all began

During the years and centuries there have been various styles of clothing that have come and gone. Fashion has made some styles more exclusive and others have been given new twists to make them more current. Styles have been recycled as they are while others have disappeared completely to be replaced by newer trends. It is always a battle between the new and the old style. These creations have been as a result of young people trying to find clothes trends that match their lifestyle. 

The lifestyle of youths is where things are always happening at one time or another. Styles are made to reflect who they are and become. The youth are always on the lookout for new and emerging trendy fashion that they can associate themselves with. Regardless of where such styles originate from, trends become permanently etched in society where everyone adapts to it. There has never been a style that has beaten the odd of time and stuck like the urban clothing style.

Origin of the urban clothing: This style emerged from African American youth who grew up with hip hop music as a way of life. The urban clothing style of dressing can also be called hip hop fashion. Attitude is what characterized the hip hop fashion as the youth were drawn to the kind of dressing that the rappers in the music videos were wearing. It was a sense of identity and articulating yourself that led to the rise and popularity of this hip hop fashion. The urban clothing transcends all races, religions and even continents as it has become popular and has gathered a large following for the fashion conscious youth.

What do snickers have to do with urban clothing?: During this time of hip hop fashion revolution, many companies that manufactured sportswear sought to identify themselves with the trend that was becoming larger than life. For instance Addidas sneakers were seen on the popular hip hop artists. Sneakers were the in-thing and anyone who wanted to be associated with the urban clothing brand had to possess a pair or two. Rappers would be seen showing off their sneakers as they were zoomed in for a closer look in most of their videos.

Jewelry and the urban clothing: Jewelry featured heavily in the beginning of urban clothing fashion. At this time gold was the chosen jewelry and they were really huge sizes. Earrings were shaped like door knobs-the bigger the better. For men it was gold belts and chains that had the rappers’ initials in them. The jewelry was worn with designer mink coats. The jewels were custom made representing wealth and the good life.

Urban wear’s revolution: In some sense urban fashion was also influenced by some 1930’s gangsters who wore alligator-skin shoes. For their jewelry they wore clothes that showed opulence, silk shirts were a regular look and classic suits. This then gave rise to street wear that was urban made popular by Tommy Hilfiger. As time progressed urban clothing became etched in the social life of the youth. Gold jewelry was replaced by platinum as hip hop rappers were seen with the oversize metals hanging on their necks. As this trend became more permanent, former hip hop artists started having their own urban clothing line and it seems that the trend will not be disappearing any time soon.  

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