Advantages of wearing flat shoes

Shoes have been in existence since man learnt that they could wear them to protect their feet from the harsh environmental conditions. From heels to shoes with chunky bottoms, they have become an integral part of our lives as they have evolved into designer wear. Then flat shoes came, which come in various types for instance Espadrille whose sole is made of rubber and the upper part made of cotton. Canvas is also a material used to make the shoes worn by mostly women.

Men have also started wearing them as they are closed toed. White flats shoes are best worn during summer. They give off an airy feeling of relaxation and can be paired with a linen trouser, a floral skirt or pair of shorts. The flats also look great paired with tights for as fun day out.  Jeans are also a good outfit to wear with white ballet flats with a matching dressy top at parties.  White flat shoes like loafers can be worn by both men and women. Lace up brogues is also flat shoe that is stylish and can come in white worn with a casual outfit like jeans.

Wedges are also flat shoes since the base does not have a heel and they can be white. Wedges are great worn with maxi dresses or skirts. They can even be worn with skinny jeans and since they are casual should be worn for events like picnics or going out with friends.  White flat shoes can only be worn to the office on casual Friday days or even weekends. Reasons for wearing flat shoes include the following:

Health is not compromised: Flat shoes are the best in terms of avoiding such health problems like lower back pain and even arthritis in the long run. Heels can be worn alternately with flats. Flats are the best when it comes to avoiding any health complications. With heels, it’s easier to even sprain an ankle as compared to wearing flats.
Walking is much easier: With flats one can go shopping and be on their feet the whole day without the need to rest because the shoes hurt. They are more suitable so that at the end of the day one does not have sore feet.
Flat shoes are practical: While wearing flat shoes one is able to do anything that wearing a shoe with a heel cannot. For instance one is able to run with them, play with the children and even be in them the whole day without feeling tired.
No getting stuck in drainages: There is a lower risk of the flat shoe getting stuck in a drainage or open metal ditches while busy hurrying to get to an appointment. If running for a taxi or bus unlike heels which one can easily trip with, flats give a better grip.

Element of comfort: Unlike with heeled shoes like stilettoes, flats are more comfortable to have on the feet without regretting wearing them. With flats one does not feel like they are straining or the shoe is not fitting well resulting in painful feet.

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