My obsession with Vintage Necklaces

There's only one word that accurately describes how I we feel about the Vintage Necklaces Trend: OBSESSED!  I can’t tell you how much I love vintage pieces from outfits to jewelry even interior decor, but for now I’m currently into vintage necklaces especially chunky ones made out of brass, copper or hard silver. Necklaces create a sense of elegance, security and strong beauty. Vintage necklaces give you that sense of royalty and unmatched exquisiteness.

I always love visiting flea markets, garage sales or even boot sales where people are discarding their old stuff. That is where you can get the best jewelry that is vintage and quite unique. The best part about Vintage Necklaces is that they are one of a kind. You can hardly find pieces that look alike or made with the same design. The chunky one especially have a unique quality in them that makes you feel and look like you have stepped out of a couture magazine of old Hollywood glam. To get that exquisite look and show off your Vintage Necklace, wear with a V-Neck outfit, round or plunging outfit that will show it off in a perfect way. Vintage Necklaces look perfect with flowing evening gowns but can also be worn with for instance a Little Black Dress. The Vintage Necklace can be paired with skinny jeans, a fitted t-shirt and boyfriend blazer for that casual yet sophisticated look.

When it comes to wearing the Vintage Necklaces for functions, the options are many as they are versatile and work with whatever outfit you choose to wear. They can even be worn for work as you can put on a single piece that reflects your personality. The Vintage Necklaces can be beaded but mostly they are found in metals like copper, silver or gold, they also have precious stones like ruby, sapphire and emeralds. I love all things Vintage and Vintage Necklaces are my latest obsession that is not going anywhere any time soon. Try this trend and be adventurous with the style you choose to wear it. Love! Love! Love!

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