Obesity in men, 4 effects of obesity on Men's fertility

Obesity is the condition where there is a lot of fat in the body leading to weight increase and bad health conditions. Obesity is caused by food intake that is excess and in abnormally large quantities. An obese person mostly does not have control over the amount of food they are eating. Emotional eating has been associated with gaining a lot of weight as a result of trying to deal with the emotional issue by over eating unhealthy food.

Lack of an active life due to lack of exercise can also lead to obesity. Eating without having an outlet in terms of exercise will lead to food accumulation in the body leading to obesity. Exercise helps to burn off any excess fats that would be bad for your health. There have also been cases where obesity has been caused by the presence of genes that are susceptible to obesity. For men obesity has several effects on their fertility.

Obesity will make the man to have decreased testosterone levels
Obese men tend to have a decrease in their testosterone levels which makes them to be less active than their counterparts with normal weight. Low levels of testosterone means that the man cannot perform sexually to help the woman conceive. Decreased testosterone levels will make the man not to have enough energy for any activity that may involve extra effort on his part. As a result he may not be able to make his partner pregnant as the activity will be too much for his body to handle.

Men’s fertility is affected by low sperm count
An obese man will have a low sperm count and this will cause his fertility levels to reduce. This is attributed to semen that is of poor quality.  A low sperm count will make it difficult for the fertilization process to take place. This is because the sperm do not have enough strength or are not healthy enough to fertilize the egg. Reason being that the sperm count’s motility rate is reduced significantly.
Low sperm count will as a result lead to the man feeling pressure and embarrassment about the situation. As a result of this, he will become stressed which may lead to depression or illnesses that will cause the man to be ineffective in getting his partner pregnant.

Obesity changes a man’s hormones
Due to the fat deposits in the body of an obese man, his hormones are overworking as they try to regulate the body’s functions from the added weight. The sex hormones are the most affected causing some changes in the man’s metabolism increasing the risk of him getting cancer of the prostate that may lead to infertility.

Loss of libido affects men’s fertility
Due to the weight issues that the man is dealing with, he will have a loss of libido. In turn he will not be able to have intercourse with his partner in order to get her pregnant. The added weight caused by obesity will make him to have a lot of health issues. Diseases like high blood pressure will make him to be under medication. This medicine may have adverse reaction with his body which will affect his performance or sometimes even health.

Shedding weight is the best way to ensure that the man remains healthy thus fertile enough to make his partner pregnant.

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