Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The First Family's Fashionable Moments

The First Family has always been known to dress elegantly, in classic pieces that bring out the best looks and fashion statements. Barack Obama wife Michelle Obama and children Malia Obama and Sasha Obama have very unique and different tastes in fashion which always translate into trends that the whole world looks to and follows.

Though Barack Obama is almost always n suits, his pieces are always smartly cut and are fitting. They are what every fashionable man should be emulating. The shoes are always polished to a tee and match with whatever cut of suit he is wearing. If it is a casual look like just a pair of pants and shirt, they are usually fitted and bring out his fit physique. In jeans Barack Obama knows how to wear what looks great on him. He kind of made the rolled up sleeve to become a trend that most men quite took to since it shows a casual yet ready to work kind of look.
As for the girls, Michelle, Sasha and Malia their fashion is versatile and many different looks. Michelle is a fashion trend setter as she has appeared in many Fashion magazines; at events she is usually dressed from the timeless lace pieces to prints and even bold colors. She loves her pearl necklaces and even changes her hairstyles to match an event or the outfit she is wearing. She not only dresses in suits but has a wide sense of style that spans skinny jeans, flared skirts, evening gowns and even shorts! Her style is loved by women around the world and she is a designer darling who not only just wears designer brands but you will see her in affordable everyday clothing.
The two sisters, Sasha and Malia are now all grown up so they are their own little fashionistas. Wearing age appropriate outfits, they are inspirations to every girl who wants to look and feel great. Fashion is all about the attitude and the two of them let their clothes speak about their personalities of looking great and feeling comfortable in every outfit. Since they are photographed often, they are always looking ready for any photo op that might come up. From lovely pre-teen to lovely young ladies, Sasha and Malia Obama are still setting the trend that will leave a lasting impression for the rest of the decades.

The First Family's Fashionable Moments are inspiring, wonderful and classic. Just goes to show you that your status really does not stop you from wearing clothes that fit and give you confidence when going out with family or attending events. Which is your favorite fashion look of the first family?

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