Dressing the Pleated Chiffon Maxi Skirt

I'm loving the Pleated Chiffon Maxi Skirt that's an overflow trend from 2013. The Skirt is beautiful, versatile and with the light fabrics, it is especially worn during the  hot weather but with warm tops and even cardigans it can be worn when the weather is a bit colder.
Every woman’s wardrobe should contain a pleated chiffon maxi skirt because it easy and simple to mix with different styles of clothing and garments. Plus the added advantages of making the wearer look taller and slimmer because of its cut.
The best way to wear the pleated chiffon maxi skirt is with fitted tops and cardigans, since the skirt s free and airy wearing something baggy will make you look horrifying and just odd and nobody wants to cause attention for all the wrong reasons! Moreover the tops should not be too long in order to create a bit of balance on the wearer.
The pleated chiffon maxi skirt can be worn with belts either at the waist of the skirt or cinched at the waist on top of a cardigan especially the waterfall cardigan. When it comes to carrying a handbag, it really is up to you on the design, type and make of the handbag you prefer. The bag can be a tote handbag, a sling bag type of bag, simple hand bag and even a clutch bag. The color of the bag can match or color clash with the outfit you are wearing.

Shoes can be high heeled, wedge heel, stilettos or even flat sandals for that casual look on an easy Sunday with the family or friends at an event. To finish the look you can add accessories to match the skirt or depending on the occasion and the environment. A perfect pair of ankle boots compliments the pleated chiffon maxi skirt in a way that makes it look classic and feminine.
Since the pleated chiffon maxi skirt is versatile to can even wear it with a leather jacket to give you that rocker chic look. The leather jacket has been a trending fashion item that keeps reinventing itself therefore you can never go wrong with it which creates an unforgettable look. Quilted jackets also provide a nice option for wearing the pleated chiffon maxi skirt. The fabric makes the look have an appealing extraordinary look, wear this with a pair of flat shoes of booties.
Since pleated chiffon maxi skirts come in various different colors, it is quite easy to choose a color that matches perfectly your skin tone, shape, size and age. This gives you the wearer the option of pairing the skirt with all kinds of styles, fabrics, pattern and even colors. It is all up to you to decide what works for you and for what purpose the skirt is worn. Just enjoy experimenting until you find what suits you best. Explore more ways to put on the pleated chiffon maxi skirt below.

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  1. lovely colors. the one with the bandeau top is so fabulous.

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