Gifts to give your man this Valentine's Day

When it comes to giving men gifts, it is much easier because they do not really make a fuss about the gifts they get. You would give a man socks for his birthday and it would not be a big deal, well most of them any way. Since the women are the ones who remember the special occasions in their men's lives let this Valentines Day be special as you shop around for gifts. He will probably have planned something special so don't let him be the only person who puts an effort into the gift giving. The first rule to remember when giving the gift is that KNOW YOUR MAN, learn his hobbies, loves, interests and even the things he hates. This will give you an indication of what would mean a lot to him. It's a special day, make your man feel that special. Simple things make up gifts for men. Have fun shopping this Valentine's Day. Here are a few of the many gift ideas that you can come up with for this day. Enjoy!

Subscription to his favorite men magazine
If your man loves reading magazines why not surprise him with a year’s subscription to his favorite sports, cars, motorbike, financial or even fashion magazine.

Watch a game with him if it is on
If Valentine’s Day falls on a big sports game night, why not cozy up with him and watch the game together. Cook some finger foods, drinks or even just order take out like pizza, burgers, kebabs and such then watch the game. He will be surprised and happy that you share in his passion. Men love a woman who has a knack for sport. Even if you will not watch the games the rest of the year, make this day an exception and see his eyes glow watching you watching the game.

Cook for him
This is especially if you never cooked or have never cooked for him. It’s a cliché saying but it’s true, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Whip up the cook in you, there are many cook books, shows and the internet has a lot of recipe sites that you can borrow from and make him happy on this special day.

Buy him the latest iPad, iPhone, tablet or laptop
If your man is a tech geek, buy for him that latest in mobile technology. Scan the internet and shops for the latest gadgets in the market. To get the most exciting and expensive phone, tablet, iPad, iPhone or notebook, you should have been saving for this. His eyes will light up especially if it is some gadget he has been eyeing for a long time. Make your man happy and you will be happy too.

Surprise him for lunch at his office
Cook some sumptuous meal and carry it to your man’s place of work. It would be better if you can sit down with him and have the lunch together. If you cannot have the lunch in the office, take him to your favorite restaurant and enjoy a meal together before you both get back to the office.

Give him you

After a long hard day at work your man looks forward to getting home and relaxing so give him your undivided attention on this day. Fuss over him as if he is the most important person in the world and there is nowhere else you would rather be than with him. Pamper him with a lovely meal and enjoy his company as you wish him a happy valentine’s day. If he wants to just cuddle as you listen to music, let him have his way and he will be happy he is spending Valentine’s Day with you

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