Monday, 24 February 2014

Random Monday: Ways to minimize stress at work

Stress in the work place is inevitable as it is part of life. There are different situations that can make you to have stress when you are at the workplace. One of them is that you may have a boss who is simply impossible to work with or some of the colleagues at the work place may be causing situations that can lead to stress.
When you are stressed you can experience physical manifestations like anger towards the boss or colleagues and sometimes the experience can be more of internal like depression. The stress can also lead to medical conditions like migraines and even being depressed.
As much as you would like to have a peaceful working environment there is a time when that is impossible. Therefore you need to devise ways and means of dealing or handling the stressful environment.
Here are some simple ways that you can eliminate stress at work.

Avoid those people that you know are prone to give you a hard time leading to stress
It may sound almost impossible because you have to work with that person. The solution is to make sure that you only deal with that particular individual when occasion demands and avoid any personal confrontations with him. Your peace of mind at the work place is more important than being liked by everyone.

Take a break once in a while from your desk
Sometimes being at the work place, at the same desk, for more than eight hours becomes monotonous and can cause you to have stress. It is advisable even for your own health that you take a five or ten minute break from your desk and stretch. Even if it is just to take some water from the cooler or heading to the balcony, leave your work station and stretch a bit.

Ensure you have good time management skills
Have your to do list so that you are able to deal with tasks given to you in order of priority. This will enable you not to have a lot of unnecessary conflicts with your boss due to unfinished projects. Also be able to say no to extra work from your colleagues when you know you have a lot of things to accomplish with limited time.
Good time management will also allow you to have time for your social life which is important in building relationships at the office. This also eliminates over working yourself such that you end up with a lot of resentment and hatred towards your work.

Learn to listen to other people’s opinions
Listening is a very important quality to have at the workplace. This is because there are a lot of different people who do not have similar backgrounds as you.
This means that they will have opinions and ideas that may differ from yours, therefore do not be quick to get angry when someone does not agree with you and react in a way as to cause rifts between the two of you.

Always look on the bright side with a smile

The work place has a lot of stress that can get to you so why not always have a smile on your face and be optimistic. No problem can be solved with shouting matches, after all a smile is infectious and will diffuse any tension that may be in the office.

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