Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Chiffon Blouse makes a Comeback

The chiffon blouse has made a comeback with a loud noise and no apologies. The blouses are silky and sultry exuding that easy glamour and sexiness. Light as a feather and stylish the Chiffon Blouse is the best piece of fashion that every trend setting woman MUST own.
The Chiffon Blouses can be worn with anything from a skinny jeans or skirt to a maxi skirt. The blouses look amazing which means that you can have as little accessories as possible. If you opt for jewelry just have minimum so that you do not have that busy look on you.
Chiffon blouses are sheer so you can wear it to the beach with just your bikini underneath. For a more conservative look for work you can put on a camisole or spaghetti top underneath for a more professional look. Under the chiffon blouse you can also put on a tank top, a bandeau or just a bra but make sure the bra is in black, nude or close to your skin tone. You can tuck them in official pants or skirts for the office. For as leisurely day out or on a date you can wear it out or pair with skinny jeans or chinos. Complete the look with stiletto heels for work the wedge heels for leisure.
The blouses are best worn during the hot weather due to their light material and this makes it best so that you do not have to hide your Chiffon blouse during the cold weather. The chiffon blouses are classic, timeless and can be worn to any event of your choice. Get inspired by some of the Chiffon Blouses looks.

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