Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Elie Saab Fall 2013 Haute Couture Collection

To say that the collection is amazingly breath taking would be an understatement Elie Saab Fall Haute Couture 2013 was spectacular. The clothes were gracious, beautiful and flowed like they were not even touching the ground! I loved all the vibrant colors especially the Ruby-red and the Sapphire. The sequins on the gowns shone brightly making them appear even more beautiful. The draped chiffon gowns were especially the highlight of the gowns in my opinion. Creative.Haute Couture.Breath taking. Lovely. The clothes simply left an impression on me so I had to give you the whole collection. 

Elie Saab Fall Haute Couture – For his fall 2013 haute couture collection, Elie Saab opened with a fiery section of ruby-red gowns covered in carmine sequins. The rest of the color palette focused on jewel toned hues as well with a procession of emerald-green, amber and sapphire blue making its way on the runway. The womanly silhouettes glitter with shapes that accentuate the waist-line while gowns are draped in chiffon. Romantic as ever, the Elie Saab bride closed the show with three bridesmaids in tow, wearing a silver wedding dress evoking the light of the moon.
by Joanna

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