Bring your Sexy back with Pearl Necklaces

Big or small, Pearls are the epitome of beauty and sexiness. Pearls have been in existence for a long time and a are a timeless and necessary staple to any lady's wardrobe. A preserve of the wealthy, rich and fabulous, now pearls have become a must have for any woman who desires to be treated like a lady and have her hand kissed by prince charming.
Pearls come in all sizes from the delicate small one to the chunky ones. The most popular Pearls are white in color but black pearls have a mystery around them that makes the wearer seem mysterious and almost explainable. When wearing pearls you can wear one long one and let it hang loose on your chest. You can even put it around your neck several times to create a layered look. You can even choose to layer the Pearl necklace with metallic one like the way Sandra Bullock has done below.
Pearls look great worn with the Little Black Dress which makes them stand out. You can wear them for dinner or official functions paired with a trouser  or skirt suit. Either way wearing the Pearl necklace has no rules just mix and match or wear it alone, they add that sexiness that every woman wants to exude.
Pearls are no longer worn just for weddings you can rock them for whatever function you have or just to add class to your outfit.

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