Thursday, 11 July 2013

Brightly Colored Pants with Polka Dot Tops

Brightly Colored Pants with Polka Dot Tops is a style that is easy chic and sexy. The Polka dot tops can be anything from a chiffon blouse, a sweater top, a fitting t-shirt to a peplum top. It can even be a shirt or loose fitting blouse. When match9ing these two you can wear the polka dot tops with chinos,  brightly colored skinny jeans or even just simple brightly colored pants. Since the pants are brightly colored you can choose to accessorize with matching jewelry or clash the colors for that distinct look.
Pair this outfit with heels, wedges or even flat shoes depending on your mood for the day. The best part with this brightly colored pants with polka dots is that you will be trending as the polka dot design is back with a bang. The classic look makes you stand out and is as feminine as any woman would prefer to be. Just have fun with it and wait for the compliments to follow. Have you ever tried this combination? If you have share your story and if you have not would you try it?

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