How To Effortlessly Style The Peter Pan Collar

The Peter Pan Collar is a flat, round-cornered collar that has a particularly youthful and girlie vibe to it. The name of the Collar originated In 1905, when actress Maude Adams wore this round-shaped collar as part of her costume in her role as Peter Pan, eventually giving the collar silhouette its name. The Peter Pan Collar is like an accessory on its own therefore you should minimize the accessories that you decide to wear with it. For instance if your idea is to highlight the Peter Pan Collar, adding a necklace will take away from it standing out. Add your accessories on your ears or go for some cute arm candy lie chunky bangles or layered bangles. The Peter Pan Collar is paired perfectly with a simple bottom. It can be a Peter Pan Collar Shirt, Dress or Blouse. The Peter Pan Collar Blouse/Top can be worn under a Sweater, a Dress or even an Oversize Shirt. The Collar can even be part of the outfit design that makes it flawless to pair with a Skirt, Jeans or even Trouser. For a bright look the Peter Pan Collar can be a Different Color from the outfit you will be pairing it with. Though simple this style can be fabulous when worn right, whether you are wearing it for a casual look- paired with a skirt or skinny jeans- or even the work place- paired with a sleek pencil skirt or office pants.

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