Will Bermuda Shorts Still Trend Next Year See Why They Are Still Hot

Bermuda Shorts, Hmmmm, are they really shorts, they are not short shorts or high waist length shorts, they are that awkward knee length shorts that look somewhat odd yet they work. Fashion as usual keeps evolving and we find ourselves wearing the old mixed with modern pieces that render the look new yet modern. Bermuda shorts have been around and it seems they are still lounging around so we will see whether 2017 will still hold them in. The thing about Bermuda Shorts is that they are more suited worn as a semi official outfit for work. Yet they still play well worn for that casual event that requires a laid back sort of look. With Bermuda Shorts, you need to really be selective of what you pair it with to avoid looking drab and as if you are trying too much. Worn with an array of shoe types form Flat Shoes, High Heels to Boots, Bermuda Shorts kind of blend in well without looking out of place.You can wear your Bermuda Shorts with a loose fitting blouse paired with a blazer, you can wear with a light sweater for a colder season or a White Tee for a casual look. There really is no limit to the different ways that you can accessorize your Bermuda Shorts you just have to be creative and do what works right for you. So will you be wearing the Bermuda Shorts come next year or will the trend be shoved at the back of the closet and await a different decade to pop back again? The jury is still out there on that one.

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