Trend spotlight: the double wrap belt

I'm loving the Double Wrap Belt trend that has been seen both on the runway and celebrities alike for quite some time. I knew this type of belt but I didn't know what it was called so I was so excited to stumble upon it while browsing and I decided to write about it. It seems belts keep reinventing themselves, from plain, to embellished, to ripped kind of belts. The Double Wrap Belt for instance if just a normal belt but longer which makes the wearer have to wrap it around himself or herself just as the name calls it. 

Designers have been creating their own version of the Double Wrap Belts from Micheal Kors to Diane Von Furstenberge among others. Victoria Beckham has been spotted with the Double Wrap Belt with different outfits. The Best part of wearing this type of belt is that it is versatile and can be worn with several different outfits and as an accessory. You can put it on with your full skirt, chino pants, wear it with shorts and even use it to cinch your waist when wearing the belt with a waterfall cardigan. Your skinny jeans can also benefit form wearing the Double wrap Belt. This type of belt is lovely, trendy and quite simple to pull of because there is no absolute way of wearing it, choose to make it your own and create your own trend while at it. See how to dress this Double Wrap Belt.

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