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Valentines' Day Gifts for your Woman

Valentines' Day is here again and it is time to look for that perfect gift. Love should be celebrated each and everyday but the fact that it has been given a special day means that you get the chance to go the extra mile in pleasing your loved ones. Whether it is your family, friends or lover, giving the perfect gift is important so that it shows that you know the person you are giving the gift to. There are many types of gifts to be given depending on your relationship with the recipient of that gift. The best way to know which kind of gift to give is to know what that person likes. Once you know that you can give an appropriate gift. Gifts are not the only things you can give your loved ones. Spending time together and telling them you love them is the best gift so far because then they will know that they are loved and cared for.
Giving gifts to women is not that hard even though men complain that women are the hardest people to please especially when it comes to gifts. Instead of going the obvious way, decide to be unique and give a gift that is personal and exciting. Here are a few examples of Valentine's Day Gifts you can give, just make it your own. Happy Valentines' Day!

Gift her with a Spa day
Before the big day, decide to gift your girl with a complete spa day package for her to relax and enjoy. She has been working all week and she needs to have time to pamper herself before she can have time for you on your Valentine’s Day. After a relaxing treat she will be ready to be attentive to you and the extra glow will make her even more beautiful, so pamper her and she will pamper you.

Cook for her
There’s nothing more romantic than a man cooking for his woman. Surprise her with a home cooked meal as she comes home. The aroma will definitely make her be excited and she will have a reason to brag about you the next day to her friends.

Call her at work
Do this late in the afternoon when work gets either too busy or boring when she least expects it. That will lighten her day and even make her look forward to coming home to a perfect day.
Instead of dropping off the flowers take them to the office and give her
Many guys will be dropping flowers to their women’s place of work or have them sent by a flower delivery guy. Instead do something extra special by taking the flowers to her office and waiting at the reception for her to appear. That will be the best day that she will never forget. Plus the element of witnesses being at the office to see your romantic gesture, that is all a girl asks for!

Write a love letter to her
The days of technology solving our problems have led to more impersonal communications between loved one and family. Short text messaging has replaced conversations and one on one meeting. Therefore take her back to the olden days where you had to wait for three days to receive a letter from the post office. You can just write a hands written love letter and give her on the Valentine’s Day, better yet write it days before so that she gets it in the mail. Great surprise!

Give her a gift card to her favorite shoe store
It’s not a secret that women love to shop and shop for shoes at that, so instead of buying shoes which she will probably not like or they might not fit, give her a gift card to her favorite shoe shop. The gift here is to shop till you drop kind of gift. She will love you for it because she will have a reminder of you when she wears her shoes.

Put little love notes where she will easily find them before on and after Valentine’s Day
Let the notes be like a story you are telling. Before Valentine’s day put the love notes in her drawer, office jacket or in her car with clues, then on Valentine’s day let her find more love notes like little treasures. Just when she thinks that the celebration is over give her clues to find more love notes completing your romantic treasure hunt.

Give her you
It’s no secret that women love to talk and talk they do about anything and everything. So on this day instead of complaining that your woman loves to nag you about nothing really important, decide to give her your attention. Whether she is talking about how someone wore the same blouse as her at work, listen and empathize. Laugh at her attempt at making jokes, sigh, nod and give her feedback. Even if that will be the longest conversation for the both of you, let her have her time this valentine’s day. She will know you care and are a good listener which will earn you brownie points which will come in handy when you want to get your way.

Chocolate and flowers

Hey, they still make a girl’s heart skip a beat!

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