Clothing, it’s a reflection of our personalities

Clothing and how we dress has a lot to do with what we want other people to view us as. Clothes define the people who wear them as they say to the others what dressing means and why we dress like we do
Dressing is not just about putting on materials to cover ourselves, it usually has a meaning whether we choose to acknowledge that or not. Clothes speak and sometimes even more than we want to imagine. The clothes are more vocal in terms of giving the other person permission to address us in regards to how we are dressed.
It is natural that you will always dress the way you view yourself. It is a subconscious decision that we make for ourselves without even knowing it.
Dressing has ceased to be something you unconsciously throw on yourself in the morning when preparing to go out. Nowadays dressing has become an event in itself as more people have become aware that most times what you attract is connected to the way you have presented yourself with the clothes you have on.
Why dressing is important
Dressing is like advertisement. It usually targets a specific market in that as you walk around the way you look, different people will approach you depending on the outfit you have on. If you are putting on a suit it is obvious that you will be treated like a business person. If you are dressed in a bikini everyone will assume you are going to the beach. Thus it is important to dress according to the occasion that you are to be in
The place is also important when dressing. There are expectations of how you should dress when you are in certain places. Your whole clothing ensemble will reflect the kind of person you are. If you show up in a mini skirt and mid riff top at a business meeting, it will show that you are not a responsible person and you do not respect protocol.
Who judges your clothing?
Everyone that you come across will judge your clothing. Appearing at a function well groomed appropriately dressed will give the impression that you understand social etiquette. This reflects personally on you as a woman or man.
Why do people judge your clothing?
Dressing expresses the type of person you are. As you look in the mirror and ask yourself who you are dressing for, you realize that you are dressing for the world. Whether you like to admit it or not dressing is usually done to impress another. People will not care how many certificates you have, from which part of the country or world you come from if your dressing is shabby and just done haphazardly. People expect a lot from others, they will easily write you off just by the look of the outfit you have on.
How style is a reflection of your personality
Most of the times especially women, dress according to how they feel. The clothing is usually based on the places around us and the people who have a great influence in our lives.

An extrovert for instance will be willing to try new crazy styles that are trending. Whereas for an introvert dressing will be conservative and she or he will be comfortable dressing the way they are used to. This just shows that clothing truly reflects the personalities we have.

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