Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Modern Braided Dredlocks Hairstyles

Dreadlocks have been a style that was associated with rebelling against normal societal expectations, but that is changing because there are some offices that have allowed a more official looking dread locked hairstyles. Most creative office have been the ones to embrace such styles, others like financial institutions or the media still find the hairstyle not too official looking. But the best part about having dreadlocks is that you have the freedom to just let the hair grow and not worry about having which hairstyle or with which to put on. Dreadlocks are simple to maintain and do not take too long to style. I got tired of having my hair open so I decided to put on dreadlocks so far so good they are growing at a good rate. I'm always looking for different ways to style my medium sized dreadlocks. So for all those who have dread locks on, Here are some really amazing hairstyles to try on. Some are crazy, simple creative, try and see how you like them.

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