Friday, 5 July 2013

Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Fashion

Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Fashion has been the discussions of many blogs and websites. There are those who loved her fashion sense and others who hated it. She has now given birth to a beautiful baby girl and she is loving motherhood. Kim Kardashian has always been a fashion trend setter and icon and pregnancy was not going to stop her from lookin hot as always.
Her heels were still a staple on her feet up to the point where she knew she had to give them up. I know most people will be like yeah Kim is mega rich and can afford any designer outfits she wants to have. Well that would be the lamest excuse to have that will stop you from looking your best while pregnant. The best thing about clothing is that you can have them made exactly the way you want them to look.
Inspiration is only what you need to look fab when carrying your precious baby/ babies. Fashion has favored the pregnant women nowadays as they have more options in terms of maternity wear. No longer do women have to be subjected to mommy jeans , those baggy overalls or over sized dresses. Designers have included maternity wear in their collections while even celebrities themselves have began their own maternity lines to cater foe the fashionable mom to be.
So here are Kim Kardashian's maternity looks that you can borrow the inspiration from.

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