Tops to Wear with the Red Midi Skirt

When it comes to wearing the Midi Skirt, less is usually more due to its full nature. The Midi Skirt is a calf length skirts that were worn for practical purposes by working class and pioneer women. Women in middle and upper class only embraced the style in the 1920's. The Midi Skirt was considered evocative of femininity, sex appeal and elegance as it became popular again in 1940. Can you believe that Midi Skirts were at some point part of the uniform for Soviet women in different professions? So as you wear your Midi Skirt, know that you are wearing a rich history that has evolved over time. The Midi Skirt is a very versatile piece of clothing that suits every body size and even height. To accentuate your curves when wearing the Midi Skirt wear a closely fitting top like a Crop Top, plain white Tee, Blouse and even a fitting Blazer. When choosing to wear the Midi Skirt, length is everything, you don't want your Skirt to look too long. If you are short look for a Midi Skirt that is just below the knee and pair with strappy heels that will elongate your legs. If you are taller go for the mid-calf length which will be perfect for your height. If you have a straighter shape you can try a baby doll dress on top to give you shape. Midi Skirts also come in various styles like Lace Midi Skirts which gives that understated elegance look. You can opt for a brightly colored Midi Skirt. Tops that you can wear with Red Midi Skirt are Sweatshirts, if you can find a fitting one or one that is not too baggy, you can rock it. As for shoes, the Red Midi Skirt can be worn with Converse, High Heels, Sandals, Short Boots and even open toe Heels.

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