Over 40 Chic and Creative Ways to Wear a Scarf

A Scarf is an essential Wardrobe Accessory for every Woman, even men should own Scarfs for those colder months. Tying a Scarf should not be just plopping it on your neck and off you go for the day's events. A Scarf can be tied so creatively that someone looking at you might think that it is part of your outfit or something just new and different. The Scarf has various fashion uses, not just protecting your neck, since that is not the only place you can put your scarf, You can even layer two or more light Scarfs to create an awesome layered look or if the Scarf you have is too light for you. Whether it be a Silk Scarf, Cotton Scarf, Woolen Scarf or a mix of many fabrics, your Scarf should be an item that you can creatively incorporate into your look for that unique touch and feel. Match your Scarf with your outfit or contrast, be bold and go for brightly colored Scarfs to boost your mood. From the above Chic and creative ways to wear a scarf choose a style that matches your personality or create your own, just wear your Scarf with elegance and style.

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