Monday, 19 December 2016

The Coolest Ways to Wear Beige Shorts for an Absolutely Hot Look

When the Sun is Hot you want to wear really light clothes and what better way to enjoy the sun and show some leg than Beige Shorts that look great. Shorts have come a very long way from wearing them to sleep or lazying around the house to wearing for formal functions. Nowadays if your workplace is flexible you can wear Beige shorts paired with high heels and a blazer and you are good to go, ready for work.
Beige is a really neutral color that you can match with a different color to get the end result that you picture in your mind. You can wear your Beige shorts with a pink fitting top carry a clutch bag an finish off with strappy sandals. A yellow Top also goes really well with official looking Beige Shorts worn with booties. Prints and stripes can also be paired with Beige Shorts to look cool and trendy, just choose which one to pair with: a striped Top or Floral blouse works well with these shorts.

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