Men's Style Varsity Jacket Outfits

The Varsity Jacket or Jersey is no longer just an outfit for University or College students, it was reinvented and became a fashion must have for the ultra modern man. Coming in various sizes, color, designs, and logos, the Varsity Jacket is and outfit that can be worn without effort or too much thinking involved. For the bottom, you can wear the Varsity Jacket with Denim, Turn up Pants, Cargo Pants, Official Pants Suit and even Shorts, For the out wear you can wear the Varsity Jacket with a Denim Shirt, plain White T-Shirt, Button Down Shirt or even with a Hooded Jersey for that layering finish. Canvas Shoes, Safari Boots or open toed Shoes go well with Varsity Jerseys. Colorful, Stylish yet masculine, Varsity Jackets are an awesome piece of outfit that every man worth his salt must own, for weekend getaways, parties or even day out with the boys.

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