How to Effortlessly Wear the Blanket Coat Trend

The Blanket Coat/ Poncho is taking over the Streets. Who knew that Blankets would be a style that would be incorporated into the everyday wear? When it is cold, you really want to wear something that is both functional yet elegant without compromising your health in the cold. The Blanket Coat comes in various designs that will fit perfectly to your tastes and style. It can be a large oversize poncho thrown over and around your shoulders or it can be designed and sown into the style that you prefer that shows off your personality.
The Blanket Coat is completely effortless and throws this easy going, ready for the cold day vibe around you when you are ready to take on the Streets in winter or a cold season. You can even belt the Blanket Coat to give you that cinched waist for a classic feel. Paired with a dress, denim, skirts or shorts, this trend will definitely get you looks from around you because it is right in your face with the bold prints and its oversize nature.
A cute way you can also wear the Blanket Trend is to layer it with a sweater and even a scarf, that is for those very cold days. For work or casual functions this trend will keep you looking and feeling warm yet stylish at the same time.

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