What to wear with Striped Black and White Jacket

The Striped Black and White Jacket is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn with just about everything. It is all about your imagination and letting your creative juices to flow. The Jacket can be Horizontal stripes or vertical stripes. For most horizontal stripes would be suitable to a taller and slimmer person since if you are curvier the stripes will seem heavy and be unflattering. You can pair the Striped Black and White Jacket with skinny jeans, regular jeans or even faded and rugged jeans. The Jacket can also be worn with khaki pants. Paired with a Little Black Dress, it can be worn to the office. Go bold by mixing the Stripes with prints or other neutral or bright colors. If you want a laid back look, you can pair the Jacket with a maxi skirt or even Short Shorts. Love the Stripes Prints try it for a more creative look and i guarantee you will love the outcome.

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