Blogger pals spoof Kimye’s wardrobe

In a stylishly on-point Tumblr page called “What Would Yeezus Wear,” co-creators Katie Burroughs and Kathleen Lee re-imagine “fashionable” moments featuring the highly publicized pair. Launched in September, the joint Instagram account has already racked up 12,000 followers and continues to share snaps of the pals taking turns portraying Mr. and Mrs. West, including their sometimes stoic facial expressions.
“As a couple they are iconic, and even their haters can’t help but be fascinated by them,” Lee tells Us Weekly. “I think that’s why they are so appealing for this project, the people like us who already like them enjoy it, and the haters enjoy it because they see it as mocking them.”
 With Halloween just around the corner, there’s no doubt Burroughs and Lee will be pulling out all the stops — but the friends may have to flip a coin to see who gets to play Kanye.
 “It is always a battle for Kanye,” says Lee. “No offense to Kim, but some of her outfits are hard to pull off without her amazing body.”

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