60 Beautiful Uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

PETROLEUM jelly has been known to moisturize dry skin and chapped lips. But there are other uses of petroleum jelly for your daily beauty regimen.  Here are some 60 uses of the simple Vaseline Jelly.
1. Lipstick: Use Vaseline to make your own lipstick.
2. Lip balm: You can use Vaseline as chap stick
3. Pet food bowls: Apply Vaseline onto pet food bowls to keep off ants
4. Door Hinges: Fix squeaky door hinges by applying on some Vaseline to the area
5. Mustache: Vaseline can also be used as mustache wax
6. Better looking cuticles: Apply Vaseline several times a day, every day and get softer cuticles
7. Longer Lashes: Put Vaseline on your eyelashes before bed time and experience longer lashes. This is actually very popular.

8. Water Marks: Use Vaseline to remove water marks on wooden tables.
9. Softer feet: Put Vaseline on your feet before bed time, put on your socks and wake up with softer feet every single day.
10. Softer elbows: Apply Vaseline on elbows everyday for softer looking elbows
11. Lip gloss: Use Vaseline as lip gloss and to make lip gloss.
12. Shoe fitting: Apply Vaseline on feet to easily slide it onto the shoe
13. Dry skin: Apply Vaseline to prevent dry skin; especially if you have severe dry skin, this is your solution.
14. Knees: Apply Vaseline on your knees to prevent ashy looking knees.
15. Lipstick prevention: Apply Vaseline on your teeth to prevent lipstick from sticking on to your teeth
16. Acne: Apply Vaseline to moisturize acne if lotion is not effective.
17. Longer Perfume: Apply Vaseline before applying your perfume to allow it to stay longer. Smell good all day long.
18. Scrub: Mix Vaseline with salt for a homemade scrub
19. Baby: Use for applying on to the baby
20. Massages: Use Vaseline to massage the body
21. Makeup Remover: This is my favorite, apply on to your face and wipe it off and your make up will come right off, especially stubborn eyeliner.
22.  Body: Use Vaseline to apply on the body
23. Cheeks: Apply Vaseline for a dewy look
24. Eye shadow: Apply Vaseline under eye shadow for a shiny effect
25. Warm it up!: Warm Vaseline to use as night cream
26. Shaving: Use Vaseline after shaving for smooth skin
27. Manicures: Vaseline can be used in manicures under cuticles
28. Ear lobes: Use Vaseline to lubricate earlobes
29. Rings: Use Vaseline for easy removal of stuck earrings or rings
30. Blusher: Use Vaseline to create cream blusher
31. Eyebrows: Apply some Vaseline on your finger and pass it over your eye shadow even brows.
32. Hair dye: Apply on edges before dying your hair
33. Chemicals: Apply on edges before applying on hair chemical
34. Surgery: Use Vaseline as it helps in healing after cosmetic surgery
35. Itching: Apply Vaseline to itching area on your scalp, to reduce the itching
36. Dandruffs: Apply Vaseline to prevent dandruffs.
37. Tattoos: Apply Vaseline to help heal new tattoos and protect it
38. Makeup Stains: Apply Vaseline to remove makeup stains from clothing
39. Shoe shine: Use Vaseline on your shoes and bags to remove dust.
40. Split ends: Use Vaseline on your hair to hide split ends
41. Lip scrub: Apply Vaseline on your lips, then scrub with tooth brush for softer and brighter looking lips
42. False eyelashes: Vaseline can be used to remove false eyelashes glue
43. Lip gloss: Use Vaseline instead of lip gloss
44. Nail polish: Add Vaseline over old nail polish (already on nails) To make them look new
45. Tanning: Apply Vaseline on dry spots before tanning
46. Nail polish bottles: Apply Vaseline on to the caps of nail polish bottles to prevent them from locking
47. Lotion mix: You can mix Vaseline unto your lotion
48. Eyelashes definition: Apply on eyelashes or fake eyelashes for a better and more glossy waterproof lashes
49. Dry skin lines: Apply Vaseline for after shower dry skin lines
50. Chaff: Apply Vaseline to avoid chaffing. Protect yourself against colds
51. Photo shoot: Apply Vaseline before photo shoots for a better outcome
52. Fingernails: Vaseline helps your fingernails become more resilient
53. Latex outfit: Apply Vaseline to easily wear latex clothing
54. Eye shadow coloring: Mix Vaseline with powder eye shadow pigment to make solid eye shadow colors
55. Hand moisturizer: Use Vaseline as hand moisturizer for individuals with dry skin like me, very necessary.
56. Edge styling: Apply Vaseline to style your edges and make them look softer
57. Ponytail: Use Vaseline to sooth any extra hair when doing your ponytail
58. Keys: Apply Vaseline on keys for easy insertion
59. Halloween: Rub Vaseline on pumpkin patches to keep it from rotting or going dry
60. Gum: Apply Vaseline where gum has stuck on your body, hair and rub it off.

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