Cupcake Nail Art anyone

 Let your fingers do the talking with this amazing and crazy Cupcake Nail Art. Who said nail polish has to be plain and boring single colored. Be adventurous and try out these Nail Art and see if you will not be the talk of the town. They are pretty amazing and colorful so you don't have to worry much about adding color to your look. They are best worn for informal functions like parties, weddings, out with friend and family. I don't know how the boss at work would react to seeing your Cupcake nail art while doing a presentation, but that's just me me maybe your work doesn't really mind about your personal taste in style. The Nail Art cab be mismatched with different colors or you can choose to have two colors to give you a more aligned look. Either way the Cupcake Nails add a touch of playfulness and edgy sexiness to your hands so why not engage in some fashion rebellion and rock your Cupcake Nail Art?

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