Random Monday: Fertility envy, Why you should not be jealous of your friend's pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of celebration for the parents of the child and even friends and family. Celebrations usually follow with the announcement that you are pregnant. The news is received with a lot of excitement and expectations. Friends will throw a party to celebrate the expected addition to your family as they await the birth of the child or children in cases of multiple pregnancies.

Fertility envy affects those women who cannot give birth or have been trying for years that they have been forced to consider either adoption or treatments to assist in conceiving. A woman may be in her thirties and unable to conceive only to hear that her friend is expecting another child. This brings about feelings of envy and sometimes even anger. Though not intended the feelings are usually the first thing that they feel as a response to news of pregnancy, which may last for a while or even cause the friendship to end.
Being jealous of your friend being pregnant will only cause stress for you and your friend that needs to be healthy for the pregnancy. Here are some reasons why envy caused by pregnancy news should not be a part of your life.

It may have been hard but your time will come
If you are healthy and are able to become pregnant be patient and rejoice with your friend that is. Your time will come when you too will be able to share the great news with everyone. Patience and a lot of support will pay off for you too.
She needs your support
When your friend becomes pregnant, she needs your support more than you know. You need to be there for her as she goes through this delicate phase of her life. Being pregnant has many challenges like the constant morning sickness which no expectant mother looks forward to. Exhaustion is part of being pregnant which means that she will need help from you. As her friend you are the one who will be closest to her apart from her own family.
Support her during this transition so that she will always be grateful to you for the shoulder to lean on that you were. And she will gladly reciprocate by being there for you when you are pregnant because she knows how much help is needed.
You could ruin your friendship
You should not be jealous of your friend’s pregnancy because it will lead to a ruined friendship between you two. Being jealous will make you have feelings of annoyance and bitterness towards your pregnant friend. These feelings may boil inside you causing you to be aggressive towards her and even not want to be associated with her.
A friendship of many years may be jeopardized by being envious of your friend’s pregnancy. Instead be supportive and understand that everyone has their own time and eventually, you will be able to celebrate your news with her
Your envy may lead to her being stressed
In extreme cases your being envious of your pregnant friend may lead to her having complication during pregnancy or even have a miscarriage. This may be due to the stress your friend is having because the two of you are having a strained relationship.

Stress in bad for a pregnant woman therefore to avoid any unforgivable consequences of being envious why not support your friend.

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