Ten anti-aging super foods to make you look younger

The quest to retain one’s youth has caused the beauty industry to become a billion dollar venture with products and solution being provided.  Instead of running to artificial products that may be harmful to your skin why not go the natural way. Apart from being healthy natural food are full of nutrients, they taste better and are easily available. So you don't have an excuse as to why your skin is looking neglected or bad. It is easier to maintain your youthfulness naturally by eating your way to health, nothing beats fruits and vegetables or fresh drinks like yogurt. So next time you are out shopping for beauty regiments add these super foods that will naturally keep you healthy as you enjoy them. Here are some of the super foods that can assist you with the aging process.

Yogurt fights bacteria
To get maximum benefits from yogurt, it has to be the natural kind without sugar additives or any artificial flavors.  Since yogurt has plenty of vitamins and good bacteria, it can help in fighting off infections and improve the body’s ability to fight off some minor diseases.
Yogurt can be used as a facial to improve the complexion of the skin when mixed with honey and applied to the face.

Hot Peppers burns fat
Even though they are quite tough to eat because of their burning sensation, hot peppers are the best anti-aging remedy for you. They have an ingredient known as capsaicin which is important in that it helps in burning fat. The pepper is known to relieve arthritis in those who have that problem by relieving the pain.  It also contains a lot of antioxidants that are beneficial to your health which in turn makes you healthier and younger.

Seeds and Nuts for energy
It is known that nuts are a super food for healthier lives since they contain nutrients like omega three fats that are a good source of energy.
There are nuts like macadamias which can be incorporated into the diet. Another nut to try would be the pistachio full of goodness and delicious. Omega 3 found in nuts like walnuts, is important in minimizing the risk of one's blood pressure that is high. Other nuts like hazelnuts also play an important role in the aging process by decreasing the extent of bad cholesterol.

Garlic prevents diseases
Garlic is also a super food that has been used for many centuries to help in the signs and symptoms of aging. Garlic can be eaten raw, blended with other spices and made into a juice or it can be incorporated into food.
Garlic has a lot of medicinal values for instance if you have a high blood pressure it helps prevent diseases that are mostly responsible for aging in many individuals.

Beans reduces cholesterol
Beans are a very high source of proteins that are beneficial as an anti-aging natural remedy. They are filled with nutrients such as folic acid that is necessary for your body’s good health. The other nutrient that beans have is potassium which helps in the reduction of cholesterol. There are beans that you can incorporate in your diet for instance chickpeas or kidney beans.

Berries maintains youth
If you want to encourage healthy cells in your body ensure that berries are an important part of your diet. They are a super food that will make you look younger through daily intake as fruits or freshly made juices. Berries also assist in fighting off free radicals on the skin that are responsible for the formation of wrinkles. Raspberries are some of the berries that you can include in your diet in the quest to maintain a youthful look.

Avocados make the skin smooth
Avocados are the best super food for youthful looking skin and all round health. They contain natural fats that can help you if you have dry skin. The fat in avocados is healthy and helps to lower cholesterol in the body. Avocados are full of Vitamins most specifically E which smoothens the skin and even soothes some dryness. That is why you will find avocado moisturizers and skin lotions.

Vegetables for glowing skin
Even though most people do not like or enjoy eating vegetables, they are the best super food to keep you feeling and looking young. Fresh vegetables help to ward off toxins that bring about aging. They also fight free radicals that are a threat to healthy skin growth which brings about aging.

Watermelon prevents dehydration
A watermelon helps blood circulate in the skin and enables it to retain moisture. Since the watermelon is almost 100 percent water, it enables the skin not to be dehydrated thus maintaining a smooth skin. Eating watermelons makes your skin glow due to the Vitamins and zero fat that it contains and also reduces the chances of getting heart diseases that lead to premature aging.

Salmon best for skin care
Salmon a type of fish is also a super food for maintaining a healthy looking young skin and body. The fish has Omega three which prevents muscles from deteriorating, enables growth of healthy hair and also is the best for retaining a greater vision.

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