Friday, 7 February 2014

Finding the right concealer for Dark Under Eye Circles

For any woman Dark under eye circles are an eyesore and the cause of many women’s little stresses in the morning. Nothing makes your eyebrows cringe like the sight of hideous dark circle under your eyes. It may be self-inflicted like staying out all night at parties or sometimes it may be because of that project you have been working on that your boss told you he wants it yesterday. However much you would like to ignore the dark eyes circles, they stand out and are able to be seen so there usually is no sense in refusing to make the problem go away. This is where the use of makeup comes in. it does not matter whether you use little or no makeup at all, the dark circles will have to be concealed as you wait for nature to take its course and make them disappear.
In the quest to conceal the dark under eye circles you will have to consider what tools to use in order to achieve that near perfect flawless skin under your eyes. The best way to cover those dark circles is to use concealer. It is important that you find the right concealer so that you are not doing more damage than solving the problem.  You have to understand the shade of your skin, most if not all of us at least know whether we are light, dark or brown so have this in mind when choosing that concealer. The shade of the concealer needs to be somewhat warmer, than your ordinary skin color. Try first to see whether the concealer is right for you by swiping a bit under the eyes. You will know that the concealer matches your skin tone when it blends totally into your skin. A concealer that will be most effective will be one that is packed in a pot while a spongy one will be least useful when it comes to covering the dark circles.
Here is how to use a Concealer to cover up dark circles under your eyes.
Step 1
Blend the concealer only into the dark areas especially the inner corners of your eyes where it is darker by using a small pointed brush. The pointed brush will be able to reach the small creases of your brow line thus covering the under eye lid well. It is not necessary to conceal your eye lids as the only problem area is your inner corners.
Step 2
Add a little bit of translucent powder over the concealer so that the powder can ensure that the concealer does not come off. This also helps the concealer to completely disappear into the eyes giving you back your natural look.

After that you can apply the rest of your makeup because accentuating your brows with black eyeliner helps to draw attention away from the circles in your eyes if they are still showing. The end result of your efforts will be no more ugly looking under eye circles and you can begin your day looking and feeling fresh.

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