Fashion Geek turns TWO on 27th Dec 2013!!!!

Fashion Geek Turns TWO this month!!!! I'm so excited! It has been tow years of having fun writing about what I love, being inspired by the many fashion Trends, Accessories and all things Fashion. I never dreamed that I would still be writing Fashion Geek with as much enthusiasm and excitement now as I still had when I began writing this blog.  I wrote my first post on 27/12/2011 and I have never looked back. Fashion has always inspired me and I love discovering what is new out there. I love Designers and the kinds of clothes that they bring out every season. Fashion Geek has been like the best friend of fashion where I can pour out my thoughts without worrying whether they will be wrong or right. After all Fashion is all about how you feel, what you want at that moment, the kind of emotions that the piece of cloth or fabric brings out and whether you are satisfied with what you have put on. Just simple pleasures that you get in Fashion.
These two years have been categorized by a lot of milestones, I know I would have wanted more than that but I have written Over 300 posts and the best part is that my blog hit the 100,000 page views mark. And it has all been made possible by you my readers whom without, Fashion Geek would have been just an idea in my head and not a really great blog that I enjoy writing and even reading. Sometimes I come across a post and I'm like huh, I had forgotten about you completely! But I have fun with it all so.....
HappY BirthdaY FashioN GeeK!

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