The man Idris Elba and his immaculate Suits

Idris Elba's suits don't wear him, he wears them with such effortless elegance it is hard not to notice him on or off the Red Carpet. Even with a cast on his leg, the man will wear his suit with flare that the cast will seem more like an accessory than an inconvenience. And as you can see he does nor only go for the common black or grey suits only he dresses the colors well too! He is not afraid to pair his suit with a hat or sweater inside. He even gets to pull off a red trouser with a matching checkered jacket suit, such unfairness but he does look hot in his suits. This goes to show you that as a man do not just rely on the boring black or grey suit, go for variety some color and swag. Let Idris Elba show you how to look sexy but still maintain that masculinity and seriousness when wearing  a suit.

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