Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nigerian Lace Fashion for the modern Woman

A lot has been said about Nigerian Fashion so is stumbled upon this site that will give you a few lessons about the fashion. Here is an excert from http://www.dupsies.com, ....you can read much more from their site and view more photos.

African wrappers are relatively long and wide pieces of fabric wrapped around the waist or chest. Some also wrap them around the neck. They can be worn either to formal occasions or casual events. Depending on what country you are in Africa, the terminology may be different. Kitenge in kenya, Iro/Wrapper in Nigeria, Lapa in Liberia and more.  African wrappers come in different fabrics. They come in:
African Print – African Print fabrics are mostly 100% cotton. The fabrics can range from Bold designs/patterns to simple patterns. There are also several textures of African Print: Wax, Super Wax, Tie Dye, Batik and more. African print fabrics have found their way into fashion houses to make dresses, ties, pants, shirts and more. They are also often used for decor.
Aso Oke – Aso Oke, pronunced, Ah-Shaw-Okay, Aso “clothing” , Oke “Elite” Aso Oke is a jean like material. It is a hand made fabric. It is woven on a loom with both hands and feet using generally silk and Net threads. There are several other types of threads used to make Aso Oke. For instance, Damask Aso Oke is made with a mixture of several types of threads. Damask Aso Oke is commonly used at Weddings or very special events. Aso Oke Wrappers are common amongst the Yorubas, one of the major tribes in Nigeria.
Lace – is a heavily patterned (embroidered) fabric sometimes with open holes made by hand or machine. They very often have rhinestones (glittery stones) or Sequins (Glittery circular discs tied together with strings. The background of the Lace fabrics can be Voile (100% cotton, soft feel), Organza (silk like but a little more stiff), Poly-Voile (relatively rough fabric), Net and more.This fabric is common amongst Nigerians (Nigeria is a country in West Africa)

Get inspired from these Nigerian Fashion pieces since they have become famous outfis especially for weddings and even informal events in Kenya today.

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